Nalytics Training Videos
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Topic Content Link (Nalytics version) Description
Introduction Login and Password Change This video demonstrates how to login and change password.
Nalytics Settings A demonstration of how to access the user accessible settings.
Adding Personal Content This video demonstrates how to find, visualise and change the user specific settings for Nalytics.
Adding Web Content We demonstrate how to add the Nabit Chrome Browser extension and how to index content from a single web page.
Adding Server Content We demonstrate how to add content as a Group Resource that can be provided to other users - the ability to add group content is role dependent.
Searching & Results Search Basics We introduce search with a simple example of Precision Search.

Viewing Results
Coming Soon! How to view results using the Content View, Resource View and NaView.
NaStats How to view NaStats.
Word Clouds and Word Lists - Introduction We introduce Word Clouds and how to generate a cloud automatically and based on a custom list of values.
MyNotes and Hyperlinks - Basics We introduce MyNotes to collate researcher notes and Save Hyperlinks. Notes can be typed directly, dragged from the Result Tree, NaStats, a Word Cloud, and selected text or copied from NaView.
Data Management Redaction We demonstrate how to redact a word and what the implications are for searching and viewing results.
Early Days Introduction An introduction of Nalytics - see how far we have come, this is version 1.1!